The big winners of the World Cup are likely to be republicans.

Yes, you read that right. And no, we didn't forget to capitalize "republicans."

We're referring, of course, to the system of government rather than the political party. Of the 32 teams at the World Cup, 22 of them are classified by the CIA as being some sort of a republic.

Below, a look at which other kinds of governments are represented:

And here is the fuller description of how the CIA classifies each nation's government:

Country FIFA rank Government
Spain 1 Parliamentary monarchy
Germany 2 Federal republic
Brazil 3 Federal republic
Portugal 4 Republic, parliamentary democracy
Argentina 5 Republic
Switzerland 6 Confederation
Uruguay 7 Constitutional republic
Colombia 8 Republic
Italy 9 Republic
England (U.K.) 10 Constitutional monarchy and a Commonwealth realm
Belgium 11 Federal parliamentary democracy under a constitutional monarchy
Greece 12 Parliamentary republic
United States 13 Federal republic
Chile 14 Republic
Netherlands 15 Constitutional monarchy
France 17 Republic
Croatia 18 Parliamentary democracy
Russia 19 Confederation
Mexico 20 Federal republic
Bosnia 21 Emerging federal democratic republic
Algeria 22 Republic
Ivory Coast 24 Republic
Ecuador 26 Republic
Costa Rica 28 Democratic republic
Honduras 33 Democratic constitutional republic
Ghana 37 Constitutional democracy
Iran 43 Theocratic republic
Nigeria 44 Federal republic
Japan 46 Parliamentary government with a constitutional monarchy
Cameroon 56 Republic
South Korea 57 Republic
Australia 62 Federal parliamentary democracy and a Commonwealth realm

The map above has been updated to fix incorrect labeling in Europe.