Gallup released a new poll on Thursday revealing that only seven percent of Americans have any real confidence in Congress. It's an historic low, and probably one that 93 percent of Americans think is still higher than it should be.

But, then, seven percent of Americans think all sorts of things. Seven percent is, by definition, a minority of the country, but, even so, it's an interesting group. We skimmed news reports to try and figure out what else set 7 percent of America apart. (We also tried to assess how legitimate the survey behind the numbers appeared to be; that's the "reliability" metric.)

Does this mean that all of the people who have confidence in the work Congress is doing are addicted to drugs and think the U.S. is winning the war on drugs and carry around a lot of cash they use to bribe people and didn't graduate high school and think the moon landing was fake and need to eat more bread and worry about the economic threat posed by Tokyo? No.

But would it surprise you?