Jon Ralston is the undisputed king of the Nevada political journalism. So, when he dedicated two minutes of his television show on Tuesday to condemning Hillary Clinton and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas for paying the former Secretary of State a speaking fee of $225,000, I took notice.

First, check out Ralston's rant.

Ralston called the fee "obscene", "grotesque" and "revolting", adding: "Hillary Clinton, who advocates for affordable education, should be ashamed." And then, for good measure, Ralston asked incredulously: "Is anyone worth that much money?"

Um, wow.

"As has been reported, this event will raise money for the UNLV Foundation and her appearance is paid for by private donors," said Adrienne Elrod, who works with "Correct The Record", a pro-Clinton outside group. "Hillary Clinton has worked hard to give students greater opportunities to achieve a higher education, increasing access to student loans and pushing for debt forgiveness. Her thirty year record fighting to level the playing field speaks for itself."

Now, one rant -- even by someone with a following in a swing state and nationally like Ralston -- isn't all that big a deal for Clinton. Particularly since it's happening in June 2014 not June 2016. But, Ralston's reaction coupled with the ongoing problems Clinton has displayed in talking about her family's wealth should be warning signs for the campaign in waiting.

If Hillary and her allies really want to cast her as either a) an average person or b) the voice of average people, they might want to cut back on taking six figure speech fees sometime relatively soon.