President Obama was on Air Force One traveling to Minneapolis during the Team USA's World Cup match against Germany on Thursday, but that didn't stop him from watching the game. Senior adviser Valerie Jarrett and ABC News' George Stephanopolous -- who is interviewing the president -- tuned in too.

Obama didn't find out the final score -- the U.S. team lost 1-0, but it will still advance to the next round -- until after he landed, but the Associated Press still got to use the dateline "ABOARD AIR FORCE ONE" to announce the very important news that the president was obsessing about the game as much as everyone else in the country.

Secretary of State John F. Kerry also offered the Internet proof of his World Cup super supporter bona fides.

But we already knew about that.

Secretary of State John F. Kerry kicks a soccer ball while talking on his cellphone during an airplane refuelling stop, while enroute to Washington, at Sal Island, Cape Verde, on May 5. (Saul Loeb/Pool via Reuters)