A man dressed as the Bible protests outside the US Supreme Court. EPA/JIM LO SCALZO

On days when the Supreme Court hands down its rulings on major (and majorly controversial) decisions, the atmosphere outside the nation's highest court resembles a circus. Supporters and opponents of the cases gather as do lots (and lots) of people looking to simply be a part of history.

But, not everyone dresses up like the Bible.  But, this (unidentified) man did so on Monday, trying to send a message that evangelicals (like the owners of Hobby Lobby) who cite the Bible for evidence of their opposition to the use of certain contraception methods are wrong. The Court sided with Hobby Lobby, however, affirming the right of certain for-profit, closely-held companies to be exempt from some of the birth control requirements in the Affordable Care Act.

That news didn't stop the Bible from conducting interviews, however.