Hillary Clinton's wealth is still all the rage -- first because of some "inartful" comments she made about it and more recently because of scrutiny of her massive speaking fees.

But just how rich is Clinton? Well, as the chart below shows, she would likely be wealthier than any other major 2016 presidential candidate or recent president who has filed an official federal financial report.

But she's not really in the same ballpark as two other recent candidates: Massachusetts' own Mitt Romney and current Secretary of State John Kerry -- or at least she wasn't as of 2012.

Here's how that looks, according to the most recent federal filings:

You'll note that Clinton's maximum estimated net worth ($25 million) was about 1/10th that of Romney, with whom Kerry is in the same ballpark. It's important to note that the Clintons likely upped their net worth significantly after Hillary Clinton left as secretary of state -- some have estimated it at $55 million or higher -- but that's a lot of ground to make up.

Does it matter that Clinton's wealth is not quite on-par with the Romneys and the Kerrys of the political world? Maybe not. Clearly, they are all far wealthier than the vast, vast majority of Americans, and it's becoming clearer and clearer that, just like Romney, Clinton will have to deal with questions about whether she's out of touch with average Americans (and $225,000 speaking gigs won't do anything to quell that).

But it's also worth noting that, while Romney has spent his life as a part of the upper economic echelon of Americans, the Clintons are relative newcomers to extreme wealth. And their extreme wealth isn't quite as extreme as Romney's.

Updated at 11:12 a.m.