How boring is politics in some states? Even this panda in Hangzhou, China, seems bored. (/AFP/Getty Images)

A few weeks back, I was asked during my weekly "Ask Aaron" live chat something I had never thought about: What is the most boring state in American politics?

There are certainly states that rarely find themselves mentioned in the pages of The Fix -- in large part because they don't have many competitive races or big-name members of Congress. We threw out Oregon as a possibility, among others.

Needless to say, the folks in the Beaver State weren't happy.

So we figured, rather than try to answer that question ourselves, we would leave if up to you. And more specifically, we thought we would nominate a handful of states that could fit the bill and ask you guys to prove us wrong on each one of them (particularly if the state is the one you call home).

Below, we have nominated 10 states. Please make your case for why each state isn't the most boring either in the comments section or on Twitter using the hashtag #FixMostBoringState.

The state that gets the least/worst defenses will have the honor/dubious distinction of being named The Fix's most boring state.

Are you going to let the happen to your state? Of course not.

Here are the nominees!

  • Oregon
  • Wyoming
  • Delaware
  • Alabama
  • Idaho
  • Oklahoma
  • Tennessee
  • Maryland
  • Nebraska
  • Vermont