Hillary Clinton is making the "Daily Show" one of the last visits on her whirlwind publicity tour for "Hard Choices", her memoir of her time as Secretary of State.

It's not the first time she's been on the show. She first visited in 2003, as a senator from New York. Stewart and Clinton talked about newly elected California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and hard choices. Or as 2003-era Hillary Clinton called them "tough decisions." She also made some digs at the Bush administration.

Stewart and Clinton talked about the upcoming 2004 presidential campaign ... and whether Clinton was thinking about running at all. She deflected by telling Stewart he should run. And, of course, they discussed her new book, "Living History."

That interview was Clinton's only visit to the "Daily Show" studio (except for that time Jon Stewart gave her advice while wearing Barbara Bush's clothes). In her 2008 interview, she was in Austin, Texas. She was obviously trying to get a bit of goodwill before the Texas and Ohio primaries. Going on the "Daily Show" right then, she conceded jokingly, was "pretty pathetic."

It was your standard stump speech fare.

What might they talk about on Tuesday night's show? Jon Stewart has a lot of material to work with.

Although Clinton has only been on the "Daily Show" studio twice, the program has mentioned her quite a bit in the past decade. And lately, it's been to make fun of her publicity tour for "Hard Choices."

Stewart poked fun at her attempts to connect with middle-class voters on finances, accusing her of having "poverty Tourettes."

He has also recycled the Mitt Romney joke book when it comes to Clinton.

Ha. Ha. Ha.

In the end, the interview isn't likely to be too riveting, but it does make us wonder what Daily Show magic could follow another Clinton presidential bid. They've done some great stuff on the subject over the years.

Like on her new Twitter account.

Or just broadcasting her dance moves with no comment.

Watching the old Hillary Clinton clips on the "Daily Show" also reminds us of another thing: It's been a long time since she was last on the show, and since she last ran for president (unless you count Fillary Blinton). Here's a "Sex in the City"-inspired segment on whether America is ready for a woman president.

... questions that are still being asked about Clinton in 2014.

Remarking about the media coverage of Clinton has been among one of the Daily Show's favorite frames when it comes to covering the former secretary of state.

And, if Clinton does happen to run in 2016 -- and wins -- she can always watch the time-capsule video that Kristen Schaal made for the future first Madame President.