You may be aware that there now exists a group called "Ready for Warren," a rejoinder PAC to the pro-Hillary Clinton "Ready for Hillary." As you might expect, the goal of "Ready for Warren" is to get Elizabeth Warren to run for president. And, as you might expect, it released a very earnest, very 1980s-early-afternoon-television-program-for-10-year-olds-theme-song theme song on Friday called "Run Liz Run."

The song is comprised of 1) acoustic guitar and 2) a female singer who at times harmonizes with herself and who has a casual relationship with meter and rhyme. The video is people wearing Ready For Warren (plastic) straw hats and carrying signs and so on. It's perfectly nice and will be compelling to no one who doesn't already like Elizabeth Warren.

As a public service to America, we decided to transcribe and then fact-check the theme song for a campaign that will almost certainly never happen. (Warren doesn't even support the group, much less have any stated interest in running.) Please print this out and bring it with you to the polls in two years when you're debating between voting for Hillary Clinton, or someone no one has heard of yet, or writing-in Elizabeth Warren. (Joe who?) Warning: There are swears!

There you have it. For any Warren fans who might disagree with our assessment, remember that terrible campaign songs are not prohibitive for a candidate's chances. Usually.