The New York Times Sunday Styles section, the leading preservationist of 20-something hipster ephemera for interested 40-somethings, offered a snapshot of one of their favorite cultural archetypes this weekend -- the Hamptons DJ. (He lives in an artsy loft, but you already knew that.)

However,  to earn attention in the New York Times Sunday Styles section, you need to be more than a dean of the Montauk party circuit, even if you are building a recording studio in a barn on a hill. He isn't dating someone from "Girls." He isn't a part-time CrossFit instructor. He doesn't even own a free-cycled juice bar or a ferret (as far as we know).

But this DJ does have one ace in the hole. His uncle is Joe Biden.

(Pertinent video footage starts at 1:19)

The vice president has never seen his nephew, Jamie, perform. The younger Biden told the Times, “He has more important things to do at the moment than coming to see me play for now." Biden's bandmate, Jamie Burke, was hoping that having a Biden around would reap bigger returns. Burke told New York Magazine in 2009, "We thought we might get a gig in the White House. But not yet."

However, we can try to recreate this magic, by pairing a video of Bloody Social performing...

... with a GIF of Biden dancing with a bunch of other people who would surely appreciate a heavy metal band at the White House.

Before becoming a musician, Biden got a degree in international relations at Georgetown, a law degree at Fordham and had a brief gig as an editor at Capitol File. Jamie Biden says he has no interest in politics, but has helped his uncle campaign -- and has attended a few family functions, like President Obama's inauguration.

And although he does not own a juice bar, his picture has graced a  New York Times Styles section story about juice cleansing at work -- he used to produce music for a marketing firm that, among other things, made videos about acro yoga.