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The Georgia Senate run-off is today, and Republican voters will decide whether they'd rather have Rep. Jack  Kingston or businessman David Perdue face off against Democratic candidate Michelle Nunn this fall.

If you aren't from the state and want to know where the race stands, Daniel Malloy at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution wrote a rap song about the run-off.

If you prefer your election news in prose, he also wrote about the five things to watch in today's race.

Surprisingly, this isn't even the first rap song he's written about the Georgia Senate race.

Malloy also wrote a few politics-themed rap songs at his previous gig at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette -- including Toomey and the Debt, a riff on Elton John's "Bennie and the Jets." Sample lyrics include, "Say, Barry and Harry have you seen them yet  / The two best friends around, Toomey and the debt."

The art form has yet to spread to election analysis in other states.

Correction: We originally said the journalist's name was David, momentarily confused by the similarity to one of the candidates mentioned in the song. His name is Daniel Malloy. Apologies!