In this White House video, Vice President Biden takes the pen and discusses the importance of transportation infrastructure investment in America. ( via YouTube)

Class is in session, America! Buckle up, because Professor Biden is here. And great news! He brought his white board.

Vice President Joe Biden on Wednesday became the latest guest lecturer on the White House White Board series, which is basically a fancy way of saying he's the star of a well-coordinated YouTube video of a guy explaining some stuff. (See also: Austan Goolsbee on tax cuts.)

Biden 's video focuses on the nation's transportation infrastructure. There were some pretty solid visual aids. Let's go to the videotape -- Warner Wolf style!

"Folks, thanks for your time!" begins Joe Biden, who then makes this outstanding face:

Shoutout to the White House champion (White House intern?) who drew the next-level art for this white board video. Look at that adorable train!

"In 1808, there's a guy named DeWitt Clinton, who was the governor of New York," continues Biden, who is telling us about the Erie Canal.

I just looked up DeWitt Clinton. DeWitt Clinton is not amused.

Now we've moved on from the Erie Canal to drawings of trucks …

… which Joe Biden promptly destroys by writing "DAY" across one. He appears to be filled with regret …

… but he keeps going. Which is good, because we're about to get to our most important shot of the video:



This is the face Joe Biden makes when he tells us America ranks 28th in the world in infrastructure investment. It is perfect.

Hey! That means 27 nations invest more in infrastructure than us! Joe Biden just confirmed it! Anyway, Joe Biden Pulling You Closer Dot GIF:

Yo, I forget, Joe Biden was a senator for what state again?

Just kidding, we could never forget about you, Delaware. We're in the grand finale now. Seriously, who drew this? A+

So there you have it. What did we learn? That's right. We learned that every video out of the White House should have Joe Biden in it … Joe Biden and white board.

(GIF and screengrabs via YouTube)