This is a story of a man and his fan.

The man is former Florida Republican governor Charlie Crist who is running as a Democrat to get his old job back this fall. And the fan is, well, a fan. It is small. It is is black. And, it goes everywhere with Crist.

Don't believe me? Check out this local news report. (Local news is NEVER wrong.)

As the photo above, snapped by the one and only Adam Smith on Tuesday shows, shows Crist has stepped up his fan game for the 2014 race. (Two fans!) But, the fan has been an ever-present part of Crist's traveling entourage for quite some time. Here's a report from the Tampa Bay Times about Crist's speech to the Democratic National Convention in 2012 -- and the fan.

Seconds before Charlie Crist walked onto the stage at the DNC, a man ran out and put a small fan at the base of the podium. All was right in Crist world. Or not. The big screen showed him sweating pretty hard.

For those who don't know, Crist has long demanded a fan when he gives speeches. It almost caused the cancellation of one of the U.S. Senate debates in 2010, when Kendrick Meek complained about the noise. One time in Tallahassee, then CFO Alex Sink stepped near the fan and had her skirt blown up -- ala Marilyn Monroe.

The fan even has its own -- unathorized -- Twitter account. (Not sure how there could be an authorized account for the fan.)

The reasons for the fan are that a) Crist is a politician in Florida where it's always godawful hot and b) Crist doesn't like to be sweaty in public.

As a fellow hot weather (and every other time) sweater, I feel you Charlie. If you went to three fans, I wouldn't hold it against you.