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How Mitt Romney spent his summer vacation


Former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney took to the Internet Monday to talk about his recent summer vacation, sharing photos and memories of a family trip through the American West.

There were some charming side hug pics, and a few references to lessons about unspecified pioneers. Ann Romney's canyon wear game was strong. Here's what else we learned about Romney and his latest family adventure.

1. Mitt Romney uses

Unexpected twist, Mitt Romney.

2. Mitt Romney went hiking with a bunch of tweens and teens, lived to tell the tale

Romney's vacation recap begins: "We followed family tradition this year by taking 5 of our 22 grandkids, ages 10 through 13, on a trip through the American West."

OK. Yeah. Just let that sink in. Five kids. Ages 10 to 13. A jaunt through the American West. Your move, all other grandparents.

3. Mitt Romney visited a "Doctor Who" location. Does this mean that Mitt Romney is a "Doctor Who" fan? (Please say yes please say yes please say yes.)

I'm sure all this stuff about the "sacrifices and character of the pioneers" and the "majesty of our country" was cool or whatever, but the big takeaway here is that Mitt Romney very casually mentions that he visited Lake Powell, which as everyone knows was used as a shooting location for the BBC show "Doctor Who."

So many questions. Is Mitt Romney a "Doctor Who" fan? Does he prefer the Eleventh to the Tenth? What are his thoughts on the River Song plotline? And, seriously, did he go over all this with his five grandchildren, ages 10 to 13? I sure hope so! Because I think this trip was supposed to be educational.

4. The Definitive Power Rankings of Mitt Romney Vacation Destination Names

LET US BE CLEAR: This list is worst to first, ranked by how awesome the name sounds. I know the Grand Canyon is super. And by now I'm sure you all know how I feel about "Doctor Who" Lake Powell. We begin at the bottom:

9. Lake Powell

8. Grand Canyon

7. Zion National Park

6. Bryce National Park

5. Capitol Reef National Park

4. Rainbow Arch

3. Peekaboo Slot Canyon

2. Goblin Valley

1. Spooky Gulch

I do not want to hear any complaining. You all know Spooky Gulch wins. Admittedly, Bryce National Park should probably be no. 7, but moves up a slot because we're homers here.

5. We're going to need a little more clarity on this Ann Romney-Grover Cleveland connection

Is this a thing everyone knew already? Raise your hand if you knew this. OK put your hands down. I know you're lying.

6. One of Mitt Romney's grandkids, who is in the 10 to 13 age range, is a wayyyyyy better hiker than you

Let's be honest: they all are, right?

7. Um, wait, though … is Mitt Romney's T-shirt still tucked in? On a hike through the American West? WITH A BUNCH OF KIDS?

Mitt Romney! Come on! You are on vacation! Let loose! Live a little!

8. Oh.

Never mind you got this.