Liberal environmentalist Tom Steyer's new group just dropped some serious coin on what is surely one of the most bizarre political ads of the 2014 election -- and not really bizarre in a good way.

The ad hits Iowa GOP Senate candidate Joni Ernst for signing the Americans for Tax Reform's no-new-taxes pledge, suggesting the pledge is aimed at protecting her GOP special-interest benefactors (Koch brothers, anyone?).

Here's the ad, which NBC's Mark Murray reports is the first leg of a $2.6 million ad buy -- a massive investment:

Liberal environmentalist Tom Steyer's new group produced this ad attacking Iowa Republican Senate candidate Joni Ernst. (THE FIX: One of the most bizarre political ads you’ll see this year/

The first thing you notice is that the ad moves quite slowly. Indeed, it seems like the 60-second ad could pretty easily be cut to 30 seconds if you just eliminate the pregnant pauses and a little of the 20 seconds of scene-setting. (Also, one of the actors, toward the end, demonstratively opens his briefcase for a reason that isn't entirely clear.)

Update: Some folks have posited -- quite convincingly -- that the briefcase thing is a reference to the 1994 film "Pulp Fiction" and Marsellus Wallace's briefcase, which was supposed to have contained his soul and which his henchmen were trying to retrieve. Again, bizarre.

The production value is good, and clearly this wasn't just thrown together on a whim. But as political ads go, one wonders if voters will pay attention closely enough and stay with the ad long enough to really process its message. We're a little confused.

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