Does "outside of Mitt Romney's van" count as a Utah vacation destination? (Photo courtesy of Blake McNew)

Earlier this week, we brought you pictures of former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney relaxing with his family on a pioneer days-themed vacation out West.

"Who knew that Mitt Romney and his extended family were such super hikers?" we all marveled from our desks. "They are absolutely crushing this."

(Mitt Romney/

(Mitt Romney/

So what's better than hiking through the American West with Mitt Romney? Running into him in a Utah parking lot while you are on the way to your own hike, of course.

Fix reader Blake M. has the proof:

Indisputable evidence that Mitt Romney's "rugged outdoor look" includes tucked-in T-shirts. (Photo courtesy of Blake McNew)

Blake said he and his friends spotted Romney in a Torrey, Utah, parking lot, outside a Subway and a coffee shop. "We walk out of Castle Rock Coffee, and I tell the guys that there is a man over there that looks just like Mitt Romney," Blake wrote in an email to The Post. What an accurate description!

Romney was packing ice into a van, and Blake suspects he was headed out to Capitol Reef National Park — the same place Blake and his buddies were going.

"We asked if we could take a picture, he said he was very busy, we begged, we got the pictures," Blake said in an email. "We knew we would see some cool stuff while visiting Utah, but a wild Mitt spotting could not have been anticipated."

Look at Mitt Romney! He's just one of the guys! (Photo courtesy of Blake McNew)

But wait! There's more! Blake says that when they approached, Romney had his back turned, behind the van door.

"One of my friends said, "Excuse me sir," Blake wrote. "Before we could ask, still with back turned, he says, "Yes, I am Mitt Romney". We found this comical."

You are correct, Blake; that is comical. Well done, Mitt Romney, and well done, Blake. We loved your story.

After we received Blake's email, we started to wonder about other unexpected interactions with politicians who were off the clock. Does anyone else have stories about running into a politician while he or she was on vacation? If so, get at us on Twitter, or shoot us an email! We might repost your stories here. And remember: Pics or it didn't happen.