Malia Obama stayed late at Lollapalooza for the Sunday finale by Chance the Rapper, sending festival-goers with Twitter accounts -- which is all of them -- into a not-so-quiet panic.

Despite apparently telling at least one concert-goer that she "wasn't allowed" to pose for pictures, one lucky Lollapalooza attendee managed to snap this one of the happy-looking first daughter, just before the start of her dad's 53rd birthday:

The teenager and a few of her friends (and, you know, her security detail) were spotted leaving the muddy venue in Chicago after the finale. The Chicago Sun-Times writes:

The crowd on Columbus was light as she walked well after the bulk of the crowd has gone at about 10:15 p.m.. Malia was wearing a yellow v-neck romper, but more importantly, she and her guards had managed to stay clean in Lolla’s messy, muddy fields. She turned right on balbo into a thick crowd and melted right in – no one the wiser that the eldest Obama daughter was in their midst.

But back to the important part of this story, which is the part where teens (and, OK, older people too) freaked out as rumors of Malia at various Lollapalooza performances kept cropping up:

To be fair, festivalgoers probably aren't the only ones unable to control their emotions over Malia's weekend. Days ago, President Obama got a little bit weepy-eyed at just the thought of Malia's impending departure for college.

(h/t New York Mag)