Mayor Bobby Tufts has been running Dorset, Minnesota for two terms. The job didn't come with many responsibilities, although Tufts hoped to open up an ice cream shop in his town, which happens to be the Restaurant Capital of the World.

However, his dreams were crushed on Sunday, when he couldn't get his supporters to buy enough votes. He has now been replaced by Eric Mueller, a 16-year-old whose campaign was bolstered after he broke a local record for eating fried ice cream (he ate five in a row). Unlike Tufts, Mueller has no political experience, and doesn't even live in Dorset (although his family vacations in the tiny town). (Carpetbagger!)

Now the five-year-old mayor has been forced into an early retirement. His greatest legacy was getting ice cream to the top of the food pyramid. (The food pyramid is second only to Ron Swanson's Pyramid of Greatness.)

In this photo made Wednesday, June 26, 2013 in Dorset , Minn., Jeannette Dudley, co-owner of Dorset House Family Restaurant, poses by the ballot box at the window of her restaurant in the Dorset mayor race. (AP Photo/Jeff Baenen)

Tufts told the Associated Press"It was fun, but it's time to pass on the vote. He hoped that his two-year-old brother would one day take his place, with Bobby acting as campaign advisor. America does love its political dynasties.

Dorset's population maxes out at 28, so they have little need for local governance. As a result, their mayoral elections are a tad unorthodox, and the position is ceremonial. In Dorset's mayoral elections, which are held at the annual Taste of Dorset celebration:

1. You can vote as many times as you want.

2. Each vote costs a dollar — the money raised helps pay for the event that hosts it.

3. The winner's name is picked at random.

Election officials said it was likely that Tufts had more votes, but probability did not help him out in the end. His mom is probably relieved. She told MinnPost in July, “He thinks he’s running, but I don’t know if I have it in me.” She added, “Don’t get me wrong, it’s been great. But it might be time to take a little break.”

In honor of Tufts political career — and in hope that his campaign signs this year, "Team Tufts for President, 2048" prove auspicious, here's a look back at the greatest hits of Mayor Bobby Tufts.

When he told CBS Minnesota reporters that the bobber he was sucking on during an interview tasted like fish poop.

That time he totally did not want to talk to Good Morning America.

He also said, "I'm the boss."

When the Dorset's annual advertiser published a satirical article about Putin invading Dorset.

In the article, Bobby Tufts tells Putin to "go away."

Source: Sister Wolf Books

That time he got distracted on the campaign trail by balloons, abandoning a handshake from a potential voter.

When he serenaded Australian newscasters.

When he got chocolate ice cream all over his face.

Basically all of Tufts' greatest hits involve ice cream.

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