The first week of August recess is almost over, and legislators have been out in full force hanging out with constituents and wearing jeans and stuff. How do we know? Thanks to the Internet, we have plenty of proof, as politicians fill their Twitter and Instagram feeds with photos from home, driven by the age-old political disorder, FOMV (Fear of Missing Voters).

Like the rest of politicking, there is an art to campaign-trail Twitter photography. Some play it safe, sticking to drab photos of town halls.

But if you want to be a hip legislator -- worthy of the scientifically wicked-cool city you work in -- you probably want to take more adventurous Twitter photos, just like the rest of your colleagues.

Based on our extensive research, here are some of the best ways to capture your August recess constituent services on Twitter.

1. Wear a fake mustache

It projects strength and resilience. It will also remind voters of Tom Selleck, which will help with the soccer mom vote.

If you cannot find a fake mustache to share with your Twitter followers, you need to grow one.

2. Eat regional delicacies

It reminds voters that you are just like them -- you too need to eat food to survive.

3. If possible, campaign at a brewery

This is more for you than for the photography. However, you will probably find some young, laughing people, which are great Internet photo accessories.

4. Make sure to take a photo near pancakes

We don't understand why this is important, but so many legislators have taken August recess photos involving pancakes that we assume it must be a requirement. Might as well be safe.

Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) meets with constituents Wednesday at Minnesota Farmfest in Redwood County. (Craig Lassig/Reuters)

5. Take selfies with famous people (or potatoes)

Your opponents are already going to blast you as out-of-touch, so you might as well be cool and out-of-touch.

6. Seek out opportunities to make fun of your co-workers

7. Remind people that you looked cool doing this August recess thing way before the Internet happened.

The red suit!