On Tuesday, Kansas Republican Sen. Pat Roberts beat back a primary challenge from radiologist Milton Wolf (and two other candidates).  Of only slightly less importance, was who in Fixworld came closest to predicting that result and, in so doing, won themselves a Fix "Politics and Pints" t-shirt?

P and P shirt

Before we unveil the winner, here's how the final results shook out, according to the Associated Press as of Thursday afternoon:


Pat Roberts 48.1 percent (125,306 votes)

Milton Wolf 40.8 percent (106,128 votes)


Most people went too high on Roberts' percentage and too low on Wolf's.  There were a handful of people who missed the mark by single digits but closest to the pin was "jimstarnes" with a guess of 52.1 percent for Roberts and 42.7 percent for Wolf.  That missed by a total of only 5.9 percentage points!

If you are "jimstarnes", send an email with your mailing address and preferred size to chris.cillizza@washpost.com. If you aren't "jimstarnes", never fear. There will be more chances to win before November 4.