(AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

In case you spent the last 24 hours off of Twitter -- oh, the horror! -- you may have missed that the biggest and brightest moon of 2014 appeared in the sky on Sunday night.  Wrote Rachel Feltman at the Post's "Speaking of Science" blog of the supermoon:

Technically there’s only one supermoon a year, and this is it. The term refers to the time when the moon, which orbits Earth in a slightly elliptical trajectory, is at the absolute closest it can get while also being full. Other full moons have come very close (one already this year, with another coming on Sept. 9) and unofficially been granted the supermoon title, but Sunday’s will be ever so slightly more magnificent.

In Washington, the supermoon was something of a disappointment because of the heavy cloud cover. But, the snap above, from the Associated Press' Alex Brandon, is a terrific one. That's the supermoon rising behind the Statue of Freedom that sits atop the U.S. Capitol. Beautiful. Also, slightly ominous.

Speaking of ominous moons, here's our own Fix pic of the supermoon. (It looks a little bit like the Eye of Sauron.)

Stargazers across the globe were treated to a glowing supermoon over the weekend. (Reuters)