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Minnesota dog elected mayor, is the very best

Hi, everyone! Meet Duke! He's a dog. He's also a mayor. He's a dog mayor. Well, a dog mayor-elect, I guess? Anyway, yeah. We're thinking the same thing.

This truly is the golden age of American politics.

Duke — which is actually not the dog pictured above but you know what dogs look like, right? — was elected mayor of tiny Cormorant, Minnesota on Tuesday, in one of those a pay-$1-to-vote situations. (He'll officially be sworn in this weekend, WDAY reports.) And look, as a proud member of the Hank Fan Club, I personally could not be more thrilled about the latest dog advancement in society.

Let's all learn more about America's next great (dog) mayor!

So, I haven't done a ton of candidate research on this one, but I'm guessing Duke has a pretty strong anti-cat platform, which is something I can get behind. He's also probably very pro naps. After he was elected, Duke went full John Edwards and got a five-hour groom session, according to WDAY. Treat yo self, Duke.

Here's WDAY's report on Duke's election, which we strongly encourage you to watch for the following reasons:

(1) We learn that Duke is a regular on the Cormorant bar scene. (“He's used to coming to the pub and getting some burgers and some fries or something.” Sure. OR SOMETHING.)

(2) It straight-up shames a guy who lost. ("Poor Richard Sherbrook," said one woman.) (Sorry, Richard.)

(3) It includes footage of a dog wearing an adorable hat.

You're welcome.