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John Oliver devoted a large chunk of "Last Week Tonight" on Sunday to the ongoing clashes in Ferguson, Mo., focusing much of his scathing and incredulous 15-minute monologue on the militarization of local police departments around the country -- something Congress might soon take a look at. Not only did the police presence in the St. Louis suburb seem excessive to Oliver — so did the huge armored truck used to guard the pumpkin festival in Keene, N.H.

(Caution: There's a bit of bleeped language, and a moment where Oliver makes fun of CNN's use of a photo with profane graffiti.)

Oliver also pointed out that this isn't the first time St. Louis law enforcement has been criticized for targeting black residents. Last year, a St. Louis County police lieutenant was fired after being accused of saying things like“Let’s make the jail cells more colorful."

Correction: We originally said a St. Louis County fire lieutenant was fired last year. He was a St. Louis County police lieutenant.