Nobody is giving Rick Weiland much of a chance.

The Democratic candidate for South Dakota Senate isn't getting national party support, and the seat he's running for is seen as the most likely to flip to Republicans in November -- including on The Fix's most recent rankings.

So, in the process of trying to convince people you actually -- you know -- have a chance, it's probably best not to refer to your opponent as the "soon-to-be senator."

And yet, that's exactly what Weiland did at a debate Wednesday. The GOP opposition research group America Rising clipped the blunder here:

In Weiland's defense, he seemed to be tripped up a little by referring to a U.S. senator and then transitioning to former governor Mike Rounds (R), whom he almost called "senator" and then "soon-to-be senator."

But for a guy who's just trying to convince people he's got a shot ... ouch.

(h/t Roll Call)