On Tuesday, Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) got a mugshot taken. Two days later, he's moved on to better things, like checking things off the "things people thinking about a presidential campaign usually do" to-do list. And, if the pictures are any proof, he is absolutely relishing the change of topic, and is ready to fight anyone -- be it political opponents or litigious ones.

On Thursday, he stopped at the Heritage Foundation to give a speech on immigration. He also talked about Iraq and his pending case. On Friday, he'll be in New Hampshire (note the scenery) for six events. It's the first time he's been in the state since the 2012 presidential race. He heads to South Carolina next week.

Count Perry among the few people who have tried to turn this...

... into an opportunity for career advancement.

However, given the stiff competition the governor would likely face if he ran in 2016 (and his shoddy performance last time), Perry is probably doing a bit of this right now too.