In late 2011, House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) said in an interview that his busy schedule often made him feel like a wind-up toy. So his staff bought him a wind-up monkey as a gift -- hoping that he would retire the metaphor indefinitely. Now, according to a video posted today by Boehner's team, the monkey is a scene-stealer, and the second most photographed thing in his office (excepting himself).

Given that, it was inevitable that the monkey and Boehner would co-star in a video, just like the great Republicans who came before him. We can only hope that this is a teaser for a "Bedtime for Bonzo" sequel.

At one point in the video, titled "The Monkey in the Room," Boehner -- accompanied by three cute toddlers -- points at the monkey and explains, "That's what I do all day! ... Every 15, 30 minutes, they come in and wind me up, and I do my thing."

Now everyone -- not just Boehner's interns -- are in on the joke.