Arizona, Florida and Vermont are holding primaries Tuesday. People aren't too excited  -- at least nationally -- as none of these states have Senate races this year. Some of the biggest political fights in these states -- like the battle between Charlie Crist and Rick Scott in Florida's gubernatorial race -- won't happen until the fall. Plus, it's the end of summer vacation, and politics are likely the last thing on many people's minds.

However, just because the contests haven't generated much interest doesn't mean that they aren't peopled with fascinating characters-- many who definitely excited the Internet for a short while and have appeared on the Fix.

Here's a look back at the greatest hits of today's once and former -- and sometimes viral -- candidates.


District 1: The political debate about undocumented minors has obviously become a topic of conversation in Arizona, which hugs the U.S.-Mexico border. Last month, state Rep. Adam Kwasman (R) faced some pushback after mistaking a bus full of YMCA campers for a bus full of undocumented children from South of the border.

The Republican primary is close; Kwasman is nearly tied with Arizona House Speaker Andy Tobin, according to the latest polling. The winner gets Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick (D-Ariz.) in a toss-up race.

District 7: The Democratic primary was beset with not one, but two fights regarding legal name changes -- including one candidate who changed his name to Cesar Chavez. The race has remained brutal, and there hasn't been enough polling to show whether Mary Rose Wilcox or Ruben Gallego is ahead.

What we do know: The winner will succeed retiring Rep. Ed Pastor (D-Ariz.).

Gubernatorial: Frank Riggs is a former congressman who decided to enter the Republican primary in January. However, he was a congressman from California, not Arizona. He moved south in 2002. He has been endorsed by Ted Nugent, and one of his campaign ads featured Riggs pumping iron.

He is unlikely to win.


District 3: Rep. Ted Yoho, a tea party politician currently serving in his first term, was challenged from the right by Jake Rush in this year's Republican 3rd District primary. However, Rush's campaign was injured from the get-go by revelations that he was an active LARPer who often dressed up like a vampire or super hero. Local media seem to think Yoho should be safe.

District 13: Ed Jany was a last-minute challenger to new representative David Jolly, who won in a special election last year. Democrats were very excited. Then, the Tampa Bay Times reported that his resume was probably playing loose with facts. Jany dropped out of the race soon after, saying he actually didn't have time to run. Democrats were no longer excited.


Gubernatorial: Voters will choose which Republican candidate will face incumbent Democrat Gov. Peter Shumlin. The line-up features a guy who looks like Mark Twain, a Libertarian write-in candidate and a candidate whom the Burlington Free Press described as "admittedly not a Republican." The establishment candidate, business owner Scott Milne, looks likely to win. Shumlin hasn't bothered campaigning, although he has one opponent in the Democratic primary, H. Brooke Paige. Paige is also running in the attorney general primary.