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Watch Jon Stewart trash the media coverage of Ferguson

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Jon Stewart has been on vacation, but the Daily Show returned last night. Nearly the entire episode was devoted to Ferguson -- the story that dominated the news for the entire time he was away. Not that his fans didn't have other comedic options at the time; former Daily Show correspondent John Oliver, who now has a show in HBO, filmed a segment on Ferguson and the militarization of the police. It has been viewed on YouTube more than 3 million times already.

Stewart's main segment on Ferguson -- embedded at the top of this post -- blasts media coverage of the protests and the death of Michael Brown, as most of Stewart's most memorable segments do. In another segment, Daily Show correspondent Michael Che ends up reporting from space, after he and Stewart try to find a city that hasn't seen an unarmed black resident killed recently.

(The show began with Stewart doing the "Ferguson Protest Challenge" -- which traded out the Ice Bucket Challenge's cold water for mace and tear gas.)