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This ad against Mary Landrieu is rough

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As our own Philip Rucker first reported last week, Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.) is the latest senator to be confronted by questions about just how much she actually lives in her home state.

Where Landrieu differs from others who have faced similar questions, though, is that she has routinely worked on issues important to the District of Columbia. Hence, there are a whole bunch of news clips talking about her focus on D.C. -- which isn't exactly helpful for her very difficult reelection race.

American Crossroads is up with a damning new web ad splicing together many of these clips. It ends with a particularly devastating quote from embattled/outgoing D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray (D), who appears to describe Landrieu as "the senator representing the District of Columbia until we become the 51st state of the United States..."

And then at the end is a quote from Landrieu herself, talking about how she "really can appreciate the life that we live on the Hill."

The ad is online-only, meaning its not like Crossroads put a whole bunch of money behind getting it in front of voters on TV. But we're guessing you'll see something like it on TV in short order.

And in an era in which any incumbent politician would rather not be defined as "of D.C.," this ad is particularly striking. Combined with her residency issues, it's likely to make Landrieu wish she had spent a little less time working on D.C. issues.

Update 3:04 p.m.: YouTube has taken down the ad, citing a copyright claim from Fox News, whose clip is featured in the web ad. We will update this post as warranted.

Update Wednesday 9:54 a.m.: The video is still up on Vimeo.