Labor Day is over. Back to work. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

Given yesterday's holiday, today is basically Monday -- which means you probably had a lot of news to catch up with this morning. Here's what you might have missed during the day in politics that's worth reading.

  • The Washington Post's Sean Sullivan listed the top five midterm campaigns you never thought would be so entertaining. (The Alaska gubernatorial race wins the #1 slot.) Over at the Daily Beast, Ben Jacobs rounded up the top five "weird, unpredictable" Senate races.
  • Need more lists? Here's one about the nine expensive races that will decide whether Republicans get a Senate majority this year. There are charts.
  • High Times magazine has been writing about drugs and counterculture for 40 years. Niraj Chokshi wrote about their big anniversary without using any puns.
  • Emily Schultheis wrote about big spending in gubernatorial races over at National Journal. A few races that looked close a few months ago -- like Pennsylvania's and Ohio's -- now look to be set. Inevitably, close races have appeared elsewhere in places you wouldn't expect.
  • Most people spent the past two months relaxing and doing summer things. Potential 2016 candidates spent the past two months visiting New Hampshire and courting presidential speculation. Here's a roundup of possible presidents' vacations from the Wall Street Journal.
  • Eric Cantor resigned from Congress last month -- and already has a new gig. Annie Lowrey interviewed  a former lawyer and Senate staffer about what the former majority leader's new Wall Street gig might mean.
  • Which state will be the next to expand Medicaid? Governing Magazine tries to predict.
  • If you are a vapid granola who hates babies, don't even bother applying to be Rep. Steve Stockman's last intern.