Greg Abbott is the Texas Attorney General. He's the frontrunner to be the next governor of Texas.  (You might have heard of his opponent -- Wendy Davis.) Abbott is also a paraplegic, the result of an accident while he was jogging in his mid 20s.

In Abbott's new ad, produced by Erik Potholm and Paul Curcio, Abbott tells the story of how he adjusted to life in a wheelchair.

"After my accident, I had to rebuild my strength," says Abbott as he is shown rolling his wheelchair into an empty parking garage.  "I would roll up an eight-story parking garage, spending hours going up the ramps," he adds, as he is shown, sweat-stained, rolling up the floors. "It would get harder and harder but I wouldn't quit."

The ad is powerful -- among the most powerful I've seen this cycle -- and effectively parries the caricature being drawn by Democrats of Abbott as an ultra-conservative ideological warrior.  It humanizes him in an extremely personal and moving way.  Just a terrific ad.