Georgia Democratic U.S. Senate candidate, Michelle Nunn, right, reacts to seeing supporter Jessica Hunt, left, while Georgia Democratic U.S. House of Representatives candidate Ken Dious looks on during a campaign stop at Little Kings Shuffle Club in Athens, Ga.  (AP Photo/Athens Banner-Herald, AJ Reynolds, File)

1. Colby Itkowitz profiles Georgia senate candidate Michelle Nunn -- and details how her father's long career in Democratic politics plays into Nunn's own ambitions.

2. John Harwood at the New York Times shows why the importance of litigation and organizing around voting access should not be understated.

3. A bit of trivia from Niraj Chokshi -- "If Charlie Crist wins in Florida this fall, he will become the sixth ex-governor in more than a century to leave office, switch parties and then retake his old position as governor."

4. Reid Epstein at the Wall Street Journal writes about the bad jokes at the Nebraska Breakfast, while Mike Memoli at the Los Angeles Times writes about the nonexistent jokes of Minnesota Sen. Al Franken.

5. Speaking of Minnesota, why is Sen. Amy Kloubchar suddenly everywhere? (We mean everywhere in the narrowest Washington sense.) Buzzfeed's Kate Nocera looks at her travel schedule this year.

6. Dexter Filkins at the New Yorker writes about the death of journalist Steven Sotloff, and what we have learned about the group that killed him. The Wall Street Journal examines why ISIS has grown so quickly.

7. The Fix's own Chris Cillizza drafts his fantasy political team over at the New York Times.

8. Emma Roller at National Journal reports on the weirdest job in politics -- the people sent on campaign trails in search of gaffe rabbit holes.