RICHMOND, VA- SEPTEMBER 04:Former Governor Robert F. McDonnell wades through several members of the media after being found guilty of corruption at the Federal Courthouse in Richmond, Virginia on September 04, 2014.Former Governor Robert F. McDonnell was convicted of 11 corruption-related counts, while his wife Maureen McDonnell was convicted of eight, along with obstruction of justice. (Photo by Marvin Joseph/The Washington Post)

1. Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell was found guilty of public corruption today in Richmond, and the Washington Post has a live-blog with all the latest.

2. The New York Times looks at the race gap in police departments across the United States -- "In hundreds of police departments across the country, the percentage of whites on the force is more than 30 percentage points higher than in the communities they serve."

3. The Washington Post Magazine has a big story about Kirsten Gillibrand and her new memoir.

4. Tim Arango at the New York Times writes about a man who escaped ISIS.

5. How blogging helped political science invade political journalism, from Jonathan Bernstein and Ezra Klein.

6. Sean Sullivan introduces you to Greg Orman, the independent candidate in the Kansas senate race.

7. Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan and her opponent Thom Tillis had their first big debate on Wednesday in North Carolina. Here's a rundown of what they discussed from the News & Observer. In other news, Bill Clinton will be campaigning with Hagan at the end of the month.

8. August recess is almost over! Here's what we have to look forward to on Capitol Hill this fall (not much, if Congress gets its way).

9. Because the world will never stop writing about Hard Choices until Hillary Clinton definitively announces her future career plans...