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President Obama is going to a fundraiser every five days this year

Barack Obama raises a glass and toasts his guests during a dinner on the occassion of the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit on the South Lawn of the White House August 5, 2014. (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

As part of his push to keep money flowing into Democratic campaign accounts before the midterms, President Obama has appeared at 49 fundraisers so far this year -- 46 of which were for party committees or PACs that will spend the money on political campaigns this fall.

When we looked at Obama's fundraising in May, we figured out that he was on pace to go to a fundraiser every six days or so. Now, he's at five-and-a-quarter. That's thanks to a particularly active summer; the president even attended a fundraiser during his putative vacation on Martha's Vineyard in August.

The way it usually works is that Obama squeezes in a fundraiser -- often, two -- when he's visiting a city for other official business. That's led him to criss-cross the country, attending events that are usually held at private residences. (Of the 47 events for which the location is known, 33 have been at peoples' homes.)

Obama's favorite beneficiary continues to be the Democratic National Committee, for which he's done 21 events. He's done 14 events for Senate campaign groups, including the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and the Senate Majority PAC, the super PAC that has already spent $36 million on the 2014 campaign.

Obama has two more fundraisers lined up this week, both of which benefit the DNC. It is very safe to assume these will not be his last DNC events before the first Tuesday in November.