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This very strange ad tells women to dump their boyfriend Barack Obama. And to not vote for his friends. Or something.

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It's hard to settle on just one main criticism of a campaign ad aimed at women that features a woman -- by turns angry and dewey-eyed -- complaining about how she has fallen out of love with President Obama. Obama is the disappointing boyfriend who can't keep his promises and now sickens her so much that she must slam her laptop shut because she just can't stand to look at him or his online dating profile. Because he is now her ex-boyfriend. (Follow all of that?)

Except now, President Obama is her ex-boyfriend and there is no way that she is going to go out with him again and she will probably tell her friends what a terrible boyfriend/leader of the free world he is.  Because that's how women think about the leader of the free world, they either love him and want to date him forever or they are angry and want to dump him and never see him again. Because, natch, he is a male. And women view all males as potential mates.

So yes, this ad is, um, strange. Probably sexist too -- but mainly it's just weird and bad. Very, very bad.  The script, the concept, and even the acting. Not to mention that at 60 seconds, the ad, first reported by Politico,  is just too long. It also misses the fact that the most important demographic of this midterm -- older white non-college women --  care more about Social Security than birth control. (Also, why not use a real person, it's much more effective, but...oh...right...real women don't think of Obama as their boyfriends).

Take a look at the ad here:

According to Politico:

Ok, so Jordan clearly hasn't been watching the midterm campaign very closely, where Republicans are purposefully running women in key races, and featuring women in ads up and down the ballot.  He didn't read the Growth and Opportunity Project either. And he and his ad makers haven't seen this ad from 2012, called "The Breakup."

It features the lines, "You think I didn't see you with Sarah Jessica Parker and George Clooney?  Your jobs council says you haven't even shown up in six months," and came complete with a companion website where women could tell their own stories about why they wanted to breakup with their boyfriend President Barack Obama.

Lest you think it's just Republicans who want reach out to women voters with the Obama as boyfriend trope, then take a gander at the ad called "Your First Time" starring actress, writer and director Lena Dunham.

"Your first time shouldn't be with anybody," she says.  "You want to do it with a great guy."

But these weird ads are not without their precedent.  Think back to 2007.  Remember Obama Girl, who looks a bit similar to the women in the more recent boyfriend ads and not at all like most women? You probably try not to, but you were most certainly one of the 26.5 million people to view that video on Youtube.

"Hey B, it's me," says Obama girl in her video "Crush on Obama." "If you're there, pick-up. I was just watching you on C-SPAN." (Yes, she was apparently speaking into some sort of answering machine device).

It gets better/worse.

"Baby, you're the best're into border security...let's break this border between you and me."

Nope, it's not catchy, but at least it rhymes.