At this point, it's becoming clear: the American people are ready -- and increasingly willing -- to go to war in the Middle East again.

The war-weariness of recent years has quickly faded and has made way for an uneasy recognition that the United States is likely to become involved in a ground war -- regardless of the White House's protestations to the contrary.

A new Fox News poll released late Wednesday is the latest evidence. The poll, from bipartisan pollsters Anderson Robbins (D) and Shaw and Company (R), is the second poll this week to show more Americans are OK with sending ground troops to the conflict than are against it. In this case, a majority (53 percent) say they would approve of sending ground troops if the current airstrikes aren't enough, with just 41 percent opposed. A previous poll showed a 46-37 split in favor of troops on the ground, if commanders ask for them.

As for that qualifier -- "if the current airstrikes aren't enough" -- this is also the second poll that shows an overwhelming number of Americans think it will come to that. Fifty-eight percent say they think ground troops will eventually be required, while just 23 percent say the airstrikes will suffice. An NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll from earlier this week showed even more -- 72 percent -- expected that ground troops will eventually be called upon.

And lastly, regardless of what the conflict eventually calls for, Americans say -- as of right now -- that they don't think the Obama administration's response has been sufficient. Nearly six in 10 (57 percent) say U.S. military action hasn't been aggressive enough, while 32 percent say it's about right and 5 percent say it's been too aggressive.

This echoes other polls that show, even after launching airstrikes, people don't think Obama is being tough enough on the United States' enemies.

So even as Americans overwhelmingly approve of what the Obama administration has done, it's also clear that they want more -- and their appetite, on the whole, is pretty favorable to putting boots on the ground in the region for the third time this decade.

They are, for all intents and purposes, ready for a third war.

Of course, the above statement is pretty academic to the American people right now. That's because, according to the Fox poll, 63 percent think we're already "at war" with the Islamic State.