Well that didn't take long. Less than 24 hours after President Obama commented that his "policies are on the ballot" in the 2014 election, Sen. Pat Roberts's (R-Kan.) campaign became what appears to be the first Republican -- of many to come -- to use the remarks in a campaign ad.

This ad from Kansas Senate candidate Pat Roberts (R) says that a vote for Roberts's opponent, Greg Orman (I), is a vote for the "Obama agenda." (Pat Roberts via YouTube)

As The Fix Boss wrote shortly after Obama's comments on Thursday, they were basically a gift-wrapped campaign ad for Republicans trying to tie red-state Democrats to Obama's unpopularity.

The Fix team wasn't entirely prescient, though. I predicted that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) or former senator Scott Brown (R-Mass.) would be the first to launch ads featuring the comments. Roberts beat them to the punch, it would seem.

Update 10:06 a.m.: OK, I was kind of right. We don't have a tale of the tape as to who was first, but Brown's campaign is up with a web video featuring Obama's comments. Of course, it's all pretty academic, because very soon basically every Republican will be running this same ad.

Scott Brown (R-N.H.) released this ad with comments President Obama made on the economy on Oct. 2 to slam his opponent, Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D). (Scott Brown via YouTube)

Update 1:05 p.m.: And now McConnell's campaign is right on cue.