"Oddly, no one has compiled a list of all the cuckoo things Steve King has said." So wrote @bmorrett on Twitter. And so Rep. Steve King's (R-Iowa) campaign decided to lend a hand.

The conservative congressman's YouTube channel currently now features a two-minute recitation of mean tweets about him.

Hmm ... this feels familiar. Where have we seen this before? Oh, I remember!

We're not going to embed any of the "Celebrities Read Mean Tweets" segments from "Jimmy Kimmel Live" here, because people on Twitter say truly horrendous things that don't jibe with our newspaperish sense of manners. But you've probably seen them before. The videos have tens of millions of views.

As of posting, King's video had 560 page views.

The video isn't all self-deprecation. King responds to one tweet, which said of the representative, "your the problem." King's retort: "You're illiterate. You're rhymes with Common Core, which is where your education must have come from."

King has been a long-time opponent of the education standards which have conservative America up in arms.

The congressman has served six terms in the most conservative district in Iowa. He faces Jim Mowrer, an Iraq War veteran, in next month's election. A local poll from last month had King up by about 10 percentage points. In an Omaha World-Herald article about the race, a political scientist from Drake University said, “You can call the 4th District the kingdom of Steve King — the Steve Kingdom."