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Want to feel better about Ebola? This (massive) chart should do the trick.

Three Two people in America have now contracted the Ebola virus. The concern that those infections have aroused, however, has vastly outpaced the spread of the sickness within our borders.

We wanted to come up with a way to represent the true scale of Ebola in the United States. So we made the graphic below, which depicts over 310 million tiny icons of people, three of whom are colored red to Nina Pham and Amber Vinson -- two of the nurses who contracted the disease after treating Thomas Eric Duncan  -- as well as Craig Spencer, the doctor diagnosed with Ebola Thursday night. (Vinson is now free of Ebola , Pham was upgraded to "good" condition two days ago.) Our challenge to you: find the three people. It might take a second to load, and you'll need to scroll. And fair warning: their location is randomized.

While you look, remember that you are one of the other little gray Americans. Fully healthy -- and, almost certainly, nowhere near the virus.

This post has been corrected to clarify why we're using the figure three.