Supreme Court cases are immensely important. Some of the most sweeping and influential changes in American public policy resulted from decisions made by the high court of the judicial branch, and some of the most volatile splits in public opinion are regularly debated in its chambers. However, television coverage of the Supreme Court is also banned, which makes it very hard for most people — even those few who are interested in hearing hour-long oral arguments — to keep up with the cases. Legislative nerds have C-SPAN. Legal nerds have ... audio from Supreme Court oral arguments, which spool off like unedited and uninteresting podcasts.

John Oliver came up with a solution on Sunday night's Last Week Tonight: Having puppies re-enact Supreme Court oral arguments. The only unfortunate thing about this video is that it did not come out three weeks ago, so Animal Planet could have planned zoo re-enactments of all ten zillion Senate debates this October.

If you ever wanted to see a photo of a dog dressed up as Ruth Bader Ginsburg adjusting her glasses, you're welcome.

Source: Last Week Tonight

The court stenographer is a hen, pecking notes with her beak.

Here is the unedited, McConnelling-style version of Puppy Court. First person to add audio from Lost, Love Actually, anything Shakespeare wrote, the Scalia/Ginsburg opera or some other ensemble-esque entertainment to this footage wins my undying gratitude.