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Here’s one state that Hillary Clinton isn’t dominating

It's hard to find a poll in which Hillary Clinton doesn't start as the overwhelming favorite and clear would-be nominee in the 2016 Democratic primary. She's been above 60 percent in all but three national polls this year.

Enter Virginia.

A new poll from the University of Mary Washington shows this state, unlike perhaps any other, is competitive right now. But there's a pretty good reason -- because UMW polled both a current Virginia senator (Mark Warner) and a former one (Jim Webb).

The result: Clinton is at just 27 percent (!) among likely voters, with Warner trailing at 17 percent and Webb at 8 percent.

It appears there's hope for a competitive 2016 presidential primary after all -- at least in Virginia.

And lest you think this is just a normal, home-state thing, a Washington Post poll of Maryland this week showed Gov. Martin O'Malley (D) at just 3 percent and in fourth place -- while Clinton was at 63 percent.