Vice President Joe Biden points to Rep. Bruce Braley (D-Iowa) at Modern Woodmen Park during his speech Monday. Campaigning in one of the nation's key U.S. Senate contests, Biden said that keeping Democratic control of the chamber would "break the back of the hard right" and ease gridlock in Washington. (AP Photo/The Quad City Times, LOUIS BREMS)

1. "If you haven’t been paying attention — if Beck has slipped off your radar — he’s said and done a few things over the last year that might surprise you." D Magazine profiles Glenn Beck, who is still exceptionally successful even if his space on the national radar has receded.

2. Sasha Issenberg at Bloomberg Politics breaks down the midterms based on who is left to persuade -- and how persuasive the persuading has been.

3. Peter Baker at the New York Times reports that the Bushes are excited for the possibility of another stay in the White House. Come for the thoughts of various Bushes, stay for the amazing photo of the Bushes in the '80s.

4. What happens when the Republican Party shares data with the Kochs? Jon Ward at Yahoo! News takes a look.

5. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Al.) doesn't have an opponent. He still spent a lot this year — including many donations to other committees and campaigns more in need. Christmas cards cost a lot!

6. There's only one week until the election, so the rundowns of potential outcomes are increasing exponentially. Here is one with diaeresis.

7. NPR visits a Souls to the Polls operation in Georgia.

8. The Democrats have raised an incredible amount of money for a minority party. Dave Wasserman at the Cook Political Report tells the Financial Times, "it has meant nothing."

9. Molly Ball tries to imagine what a GOP Senate might look like.

Correction: A previous version of this post mischaracterized Sen. Jeff Sessions' campaign spending. It has been updated.