1. During the last few election cycles, Republicans won majorities in more and more state legislatures. Reid Wilson reports that they might tally up even more in 2014.

2. Ken Vogel and Tarini Parti checking in on who is raising what for 2016 -- and what people are going to need to raise if they want to compete with Hillary Clinton.

3. The Upshot made a county-by-county chart of where uninsured rates have dropped the most since the implementation of Obamacare.

4. Simon Van Zuylen-Wood writes about the tech types getting into campaign finance reform for National Journal.

Greer sees a connection between his interest in dark money and his gambling habit. "I like games, I like poker," he says. "Politics is a game. How do I make the game work better?"

5. Dave Weigel at Bloomberg Politics writes about what a Scott Walker loss would mean for Republicans.

6. Mark Blumenthal and Ariel Edwards-Levy at the Huffington Post explain how the Senate polls could lead us astray.

7. Eric Lipton at the New York Times looks at how the relationships between lobbyists and state attorneys general can sometimes be too close for comfort.

8. If you want to make a late-in-the-game ad buy in a close election, too bad. All the time is basically gone.