Now back to our regular feature: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) yells at someone who disagrees with him.

In case you missed our last episode, Christie was yelling at a nurse who didn't have Ebola because she didn't want to live in a tent. Before that it was, what? Probably Rand Paul. Before that, a teacher. A few people back, some dude on the Jersey Shore. In New Jersey, residents set their watches when they hear a Christie bellow.

The latest iteration came Wednesday as Christie prepared to talk about the two-year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy.

Christie has several advantages in this confrontation. First, he has a lot of fans in the audience and a couple of beefy dudes at his sides. But most importantly, he has a microphone, making it very hard to hear precisely what the gentleman with the sign is saying. (That his back is to the camera doesn't help.)

We know what the protester is mad about, since he had the foresight to face the sign backward. He is angry about the pace of restoration following the storm. We also know that at one point he tells Christie to do his job, because Christie says, "You do yours, too." And he apparently asked Chris Christie to dinner? Christie: "There's about a thousand things I'll do tonight. Going to dinner with you is about 1,001." (Christie likes this joke; he smiles a bit afterward.)

Also in the background is Christie's wife, Mary Pat. She's to Christie's right, our left, next to one of the beefy dudes.

Is that awkwardness? Discomfort? She's squinting a bit, which makes it look like she's wincing. Is it the light?

If it's any indicator, Mary Pat was there when Chris was yelling at the teacher, too.

Every marriage is different, I guess.

Anyway. Stay tuned for the next episode of Chris Christie yells at someone who disagrees with him, in which Christie yells at a tiny little puppy.