1. Tom Hamburger and Alexander Becker report that the Brookings Institution's research agenda may be affected by the wishes of donors.

2. Molly Ball profiles Colorado Senate candidate Cory Gardner at the Atlantic.

He talks fast, in abbreviated clauses that don't always gel into complete sentences. His affect falls somewhere between a human ray of sunshine and an overcaffeinated hamster.

3. Want to know more about campaign finance and the 2014 midterms? Matea Gold has some answers.

4. Open Secrets explains how candidates use leadership PACs in weird ways — and who is benefiting the most from leadership PAC largesse this year.

6. Jason Horowitz at the New York Times checks in on Sen. Mitch McConnell as his campaign winds to a close.

Yes, Mr. McConnell is hard to read. But by Tuesday evening, a week before the election, he did not seem so nervous at all.

7. The National Journal looks at the murky world of PACs and candidates coordinating while not coordinating.

8. “I used to be a conservative Democrat. There are no more of us.” Kristina Peterson and Dante Chinni at the Wall Street Journal write about how white, working-class voters have helped Republicans the past two midterm cycles.

9. Quote of the Day: "You're not going to get a Pulitzer Prize or an Emmy by saying 'Buddy Cianci is a convicted felon.' Everybody knows that."