In 72 hours, it will be over. Or, not "over," really, given that a number of races (including key races in Louisiana and Georgia) are likely to go to run-offs, but, for most of the country, the Great Midterm Election of 2014 That No One Paid Attention To will have ended.

In most of the country, it already is.

The most recent ratings analysis by the good people at Cook Political Report puts very few House seats into play. We've mapped them below; if it isn't dark red or dark blue, it's (maybe) up for grabs. Click districts that are lighter colored to see who's contesting the seat. If you can find any. (Want to find the closest toss-up race to you? Here you go.)

Or, to put a finer point on it, the number of seats in each category.

Over the course of the election cycle, Cook's ratings -- which go from "likely" wins by a party to "lean" seats that will probably be kept to "toss-ups" -- has shifted toward the Republicans, as you might expect. (Here's more explanation of this graph.)

There will be surprises; there always are. But in most parts of the country, Tuesday will come and go exactly as could have been predicted 12 months ago.