John Oliver doesn't get why everyone is paying such close attention to the Senate races. Don't we realize that the Senate doesn't actually do much of anything?

He spent about 20 minutes on Last Week Tonight on Sunday talking about America's "laboratories of democracy," state legislatures that often have a far bigger impact on the life of voters. Oliver prefers calling them the "frat houses of democracy."

Plus, state legislatures often have far more ... interesting ... characters. There are often better ads too, involving lots of birds and pictures of the Declaration of Independence when you're talking about the Constitution.

We might treat state legislatures' like the minor leagues, but they are passing massive reams of policies as Oliver notes.

And sometimes the laws governing these legislative bodies are weird. Oliver reminds us that New Hampshire's state house has more people — 424 — than Sparta had to fend off the Persians — 300.

The segment is gloriously thorough, and won't leave you with the most fuzzy feelings about democracy, or our obsession with federal races.

And a lot of the candidates he discusses are running unopposed, so it's too late in the election cycle to even vote against any of them.

Happy almost Election Day?