Bill Clinton was campaigning in Arkansas over the weekend, which made the candidates he was stumping for very excited. This little girl — decked out in Democratic hues — not so much. We do not know the mood of the person wearing the T-shirt about Jesus, the third person in this very odd photobombing tableau, posted by Reddit user Fieldblazer.

The first lesson you should take from this? Never make a kid who is enjoying her Kindle go to a political rally. Reading is important. The second — get used to Bill Clinton selfies and photobombs becoming unremarkable very soon, especially if Hillary Clinton ends up running in 2016.

Bill Clinton loves selfies almost as much as Sen. Cory Booker.

Selfie with POTUS complete with red eye. #unite4humanity

This is not his first foray into ruining pictures, either.

Now that Bill Clinton has checked "photobomb adorable kid" off his viral photo checklist, we recommend he proceed to "the Gohmert" and photobomb someone doing a live television interview. Anything less and we can't promise to be impressed.