It's Election Day! If you're not one of the many Americans who has already cast a ballot, here are some posts from the Fix archives -- and elsewhere  -- that might come in handy.

Is it really Election Day?

Yes, yes it is Election Day. We know this only because of this timer.

But are the polls open in my state yet?

Do I have time to vote before they close? I don't know, but you can check here.

Hmm. How long will it take me to vote?

I'm not positive, but here's how long you had to wait during the last election. If you're in Florida, bring a book.

Do I need to bring an ID with me?

Maybe. Many states passed new voter-ID requirements since the last election cycle. Here's a chart that goes through each state's requirements.

What's going to be on the ballot?

Maybe there's an important Senate race in your state! Or how about a ballot measure? Or maybe a gubernatorial or House race?

Wait, what's a midterm election?

Really? Well, I guess I'm glad you asked before you went to vote. Click here for Midterms 101.

Will the election come down to turnout?