MSNBC's Steve Kornacki tweeted about an unusual record that could be broken today: Massachusetts has voted for Democrats in every one of its House districts since 1996. It's not the longest single-party-sweep record in terms of cycles, but it's definitely the longest in terms of wins. And if Republican Richard Tisei wins in Massachusetts' 6th district -- as he might -- that streak would end.

But how does that streak compare to others? We pulled data on the longest existing single-party sweeps. The bigger the block, the bigger the dominance.

That large block in the middle is, of course, Massachusetts, with 89 straight House wins by our tally. Kornacki added in two special elections for a total of 91. Hawaii's streak would be much longer were it not for the 2010 special election win by Charles Djou for the state's 1st district. (Djou, as it happens, has a shot at reclaiming that seat today after losing it in the 2010 general election.)

Two states -- Nebraska and Rhode Island -- have longer streaks of single-party sweeps, but not much longer, and they have fewer districts.

Nebraska has the second most consecutive House wins for one party, with 30. By Wednesday, it could be the new leader.